Transforming idle lands
into productive farms

Transforming idle lands into productive farms

Our Services

Our Services

Farm Development

Farm Development

Do you have a land that you want to turn into a farm filled with crops and fruit trees, but you don't have any idea how and where to start?

Our farm development service offers you a complete design and build process that will turn your land from empty to bounty. It includes setting up your own fertilizer facility, planting of crops and trees, and training your farmers regenerative agricultural practices.

With our expert guidance, you can rest assured that your farm will be set up for long-term success and sustainability.

Farm Management

Farm Management

Do you have a farm already set up but struggle with managing your crops, trees and farmers effectively?

Our farm management service provides comprehensive, hands-on supervision of your farm, together with your workforce and produce, ensuring your objectives are met and your farm is running smoothly. Our team provides regular reports to keep you updated so that you have the information you need to make decisions about its future.

With our years of experience and expertise, we can help you overcome the challenges you are facing and maximize your farm's potential.

Access to Market

Access to Market

Do you have a well-managed farm that consistently produces high-quality crops, but struggle to find buyers and determine your farm's profitability?

Our access to market service offers you our FarmYields App that connects you directly to our network of buyers who are food businesses that need a consistent supply of fresh produce. You can sell your products with ease and at fair prices. In addition, our team can help you analyze your costs and revenue streams, providing you with a clear understanding of your financial performance.

Let us help you market your products and maximize your profitability.

Why Work with Us?

With a remarkable 5 years of experience, we bring our expertise and knowledge in farm development and management to your table. Our team has diligently worked on numerous farm projects and we understand the intricacies of agricultural practices from land preparation to marketing of produce.


From our deep-rooted passion for agriculture grows our values of trust, integrity, inclusiveness, steadfastness and innovation. We aim to show these values as we work together in making your farm productive.

We care for the land. Our regenerative agricultural practices take care of the soil as much as the crops to ensure that farming is sustainable and safe.


We care for the farmers. We give value to the farmers and the work of their hands. We empower them through education and training to grow their livelihood.


We care for you. We will supply you with produce that is guaranteed clean, healthy, and fresh. We will also open doors of trade to ensure that your farm is profitable.

Our Projects

  • ABV Farm, Nasugbu, Batangas
  • Ahmas Farm, San Fernando, Pampang
  • Amelia Farms, Tanauan, Batangas
  • Aquino Farm, Bacolor, Pampanga
  • Bryan Nepomuceno Urban Garden, Pampanga
  • Edelweiss Farm, San Fernando, Pampanga
  • Enclave Leisure Farms, Arayat, Pampanga
  • Franz Rivera Urban Garden, Angeles, Pampanga
  • Neenia Tan Urban Garden, Angeles, Pampanga
  • Rochiel Rueda Farms, Silang, Cavite and Magalang, Pampanga

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