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Welcome to FarmYields! This Policy shall explain what kind of information we collect, the purpose of its collection, the legal basis of our collection, how we store, secure and delete your information in the Platform and the Website. We suggest that you read this in conjunction with our Terms Of Use.


When you sign up for a Grower, Buyer or Logistics Provider Account with us, you agree that you accept the practices, requirements and policies outlined in this Privacy Policy, and you consent to our collection, use, disclosure and processing of your personal data as provided herein.


When you sign up for a Grower, Buyer or Logistics Provider Account with us, you are voluntarily providing us with your personal information which includes the following:

a. Full Name;
b. Full Residential Address;
c. Date of Birth;
d. Email Address;
e. Telephone Number and/or Mobile Number;
f. Tax Identification Number;
g. Two Government IDs;
h. Profile Picture;
i. Full Business Name;
j. Full Business Address;
k. Business License (if applicable);
l. DTI Certificate of Registration (if applicable);
m. CDA Certificate of Registration (if applicable);
n. SEC Certificate of Registration (if applicable);
o. Articles of Incorporation (if applicable);
p. By-Laws (if applicable);
q. Latest General Information Statement (if applicable);
r. Age (if applicable);
s. Full address of each farms for Growers, full delivery addresses of each delivery points for Buyers, full registration details of each vehicle and full address and licences for each drivers for Logistics Providers;
t. Device Information such as your IP address and device ID;
u. Messages or any other content you share with another Grower, Buyer, or Logistics Provider which may include personal information such as your phone number, username, email address, or sensitive personal information such as your race, address, ethnicity, political beliefs, phone number; and
v. Any other information that FarmYields may require to determine the eligibility of the Grower, Buyer and Logistics Provider.

You may change or update any registration information you have provided us by editing your Account Profile, directly in the App or through any of our contact details


Except for your username, email address, full name, residential address and contact number, which are required to sign up for an account, all other personal information, sensitive personal information and other content you disclose to other Growers, Buyers, Logistics Providers while using Farm Yields shall be at your own risk.

We strongly discourage you from disclosing any information that exposes your full identity such as your bank details, government ID numbers, residential address and other similar personal information to other Growers, Buyers, or Logistics Providers.


As to the information you expressly and voluntarily provide us such as your name, email address, date of birth and other personal information contained in the registration documents, we use the information to communicate to you directly for software updates, to request for feedback, to verify the identity of your account, to evaluate your eligibility to use FarmYields and for any other purpose which FarmYields deems necessary.


As to information that is collected from your use of the Platform such as your interactions with other Growers, Buyers or Logistics Provider, we may use the data in an aggregate and non-identifiable form to analyze behavior, market prices, availability of crops, improve the functionality of our services, understand demographics and other similar functions to provide an enjoyable experience for all.


We may share the results of our analysis to third parties but in no way shall the data be identifiable to you.


The information we collect from your usage of FarmYields is stored in a third-party server which may only be accessed by FarmYields and any of our duly authorized representatives.


Your account is password-protected and is only accessible by you using your unique password.


We discourage you from sharing your password with anyone. If any unauthorized person has gained access to your account using your password or if you think your account was accessed by another person without your authorization, you may report it to us at or the Contact Us link.


You understand and agree that FarmYields shall not be responsible for any claim, damages or liabilities arising from your violation of the terms and privacy policy of any of the social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.


You understand and agree that any of the privacy policies of each of FarmYields’ social media accounts do not form part of this Privacy Policy.


The content disclosed by any person to FarmYields’ social media accounts shall be bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy.


If you subscribe to the Website’s newsletter, you agree to disclose your first and last names and email address to FarmYields. FarmYields shall only use such information to send you newsletters or directly communicate with you, if necessary.


We do not disclose your personal data to third parties for any purpose except when it is required by law, to protect you from harm or when ordered by the courts or police authorities.


If we enter into agreements with third-party services, which would require disclosure of your data, we will update this Policy and notify you to ask for your consent and indicate the purpose/s of such use.


All data sharing agreements that shall be entered into by FarmYields with another party shall be in compliance with the National Privacy Commission Circular No. 2020-03.


In case you refuse to disclose your information to third-parties, we will exclude your data from disclosure to third parties.


We use cookies in FarmYields to track your use of the App and visits to the Website. You may opt to remove the cookies from your browser except those which may be strictly necessary for the operations of the Website and the mobile application.


The cookies are used to analyze your preferences to improve the overall user experience of the application and the Website.


The legal basis of our use of your data are indicated as follows:

Data Collected Use Legal Basis
Username, first name, last name, email address, date of birth Registration information; To contact the Grower, Buyer, Logistics Provider; To verify identity of a Grower, Buyer, Logistics Provider; To send newsletters Contractual necessity
Messages to other Growers, Buyers or Logistics Provider Used in aggregate and non-identifiable form for functionality of FarmYields, improvement of services and feedback Consent
Location of Grower, Buyer, Logistics Provider To facilitate the delivery of Regular Orders and Crop Request Consent
Personal information and sensitive personal information Use in aggregate and non-identifiable form for functionality of the app, improvement of services, feedback and marketing Consent
Profile photo Account verification Consent


This Privacy Policy shall be governed by the Republic Act 10173 also known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012.


For any privacy concerns or requests for modification of your privacy terms, please contact us at or through the Contact Us link.


Upon registration of your account, you are signifying your acceptance to the terms of the Privacy Policy including any subsequent changes that we may make to the Privacy Policy. Such changes shall take effect seven (7) days after publication on the Platform, or other form of notice to you. You are responsible for reviewing such notices, and your continued use of the Platform and/or the Services subsequent to the online publication or receipt of such notices, whichever is earlier, constitutes your acceptance of such changes. If you do not agree to any of the changes, you may immediately stop using the Platform and/or Services and contact FarmYields to deactivate your account.


We will retain your account information and personal information within a period of thirty (30) days from the date of termination.

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