Meet the team​

We are a group of passionate young farmers and professionals who seek to change the food system to empower the farmers and provide healthy food for all.

Meet the team

We are a group of passionate young farmers and professionals who seek to change the food system to empower the farmers and provide healthy food for all.

Jennifer is an experienced investment banker/consultant, impact investor and social entrepreneur having invested her own capital in start up social enterprises in the UK, Europe and Asia since 2013. She is a passionate advocate of inclusive and sustainable livelihood projects as means to eradicate poverty. She founded FarmYields Inc. to create a holistic solution that enables food security through digital transformation, education and community building. Her vision is to have equitable prosperity for healthy people and planet.

Jennifer Viloria

President & Founder

Carlo has been an agripreneur for 13 years and has extensive experience and knowledge in organic farming and farm business management. He has trained farmers across Luzon and Palawan and has developed farms and edible gardens, making them productive and profitable. He is also known as "Carlo the Farmer" in his Youtube channel where he teaches all about growing food. He co-founded FarmYields as it is his personal mission to fix the agri-sector of the Philippines, make every province of the country self-sufficient on food, and redesign the food system by connecting farmers directly to buyers.

Carlomagno Aguilar

Chief Farmer, Head Consultant &

Jess is an experienced coordinator and has vast experience in organizing people-centric events such as community and outreach programs and volunteer campaigns. Her experience and involvement in community-based activities enhanced her capacity to work with the underprivileged. These experiences combined with her IT skills help her build programs that open opportunities for the underprivileged. She co-founded FarmYields and is working as the Operations Officer and Human Resources personnel of the company, making sure of smooth flow of systems, coordinations, administration, and employee management.

Jess Kenio

Head of Operations &

Diane completed her degree in Physics with a minor in Finance and co-founded FarmYields. She is rapidly honing her financial and market analysis skills as the company’s financial analyst and is enjoying the learning process as part of the team. Her interest in impact investment started when she did a cost-benefit analysis of household energy consumption in the Philippines for her undergraduate thesis. As the Director of Finance, she oversees and reports the financial activities of the company such as budget, revenue, cost analysis and improvement of financial systems.

Diane Avellanosa

Head of Finance &

Graciel is an experienced brand designer since 2012 and is actively engaged in social media marketing. She has designed and created effective marketing collaterals for various businesses to successfully get the message across platforms and reach more people. She has created content and increased brand exposure and sales for Fresherb Pampanga. She is hands-on in planning, developing and implementing marketing strategies for the company to capture target audience and achieve sales goals.

Graciel Anne Aguilar

Head of Marketing &

Arvy is a seasoned software engineer with 12+ years of experience. He started in US Fintech startups, then honed his skills at Palawan Pawnshop Group in the Philippines, specializing in system integrations, software development, and architecture. Co-founding IT-ERA Technology Solutions, Arvy drives the delivery of innovative software solutions and IT consultancy services to a diverse clientele including startups, NGOs, private companies, and government agencies. His leadership ensures the company's mission to provide cutting-edge solutions tailored to client needs.

Arvy Mayor

Head of Information Technology & Infrastructure , Co-founder

Charlene is graduate of Information Technology at City College of Calamba in 2023 and has experience in website development. She has a passion for programming and despite her young age, she is dedicated to continuous learning and seeks opportunities to expand her knowledge in the ever-changing field of technology. In her current role as website developer of FarmYieds Inc, she is responsible for designing and managing the website of the company, ensuring they are visually appealing and user-friendly.

Charlene Antivo

Website Developer

Gerald is a graduate of Agriculture at Pampanga State Agricultural University and has 8 years of various agricultural experiences, specializing in horticulture and agronomy. He had on-the-job training at Israel, intern at USA and worked as a farmer in Norway. He has experience in large-scale greenhouse production facility where he managed, cared for and harvested crops, monitored irrigation and insect and disease control. He is now the greenhouse manager of Fresherb and is responsible for the growth, health and inventory of seedlings of herbs and vegetables and other products of the greenhouse.


Gerald Lingat

Greenhouse Manager

Kuya Ang has been working alongside Carlo since 2015 as a minifarm assistant and grower.  Originally from Cebu, Kuya Ang moved to Pampanga to explore job opportunities until he met Carlo and became his very first employee. Kuya Ang is always very eager and willing to learn all about planting. He is very passionate at what he does and a loyal, respectable employee and very hospitable to the customers of Fresherb.

Jose Lim (Kuya Ang)

Greenhouse Assistant

Joshua Marie Espiritu is a graduate of Social Entrepreneurship in Agriculture and has a background in Agribusiness Management. He has extensive experience as a farm manager and trainer for 6 years before he joined FarmYields. He has practical knowledge and hands-on experience in vegetable, fruit and animal production, supervised farm development projects, and facilitated trainings and seminars on organic farming.

Joshua Espiritu

Associate Consultant for South Luzon

Robert is a graduate of Social Entrepreneurship in Agriculture and has experience as a farm manager and as a community enterprise organizer. Not only has he organized and trained groups of farmers but also encouraged the youth to be active participants in the agricultural sector. His knowledge in food processing and organic farming gave him opportunities to lead a youth’s agriculture club in Bulacan and established his own enterprise - Ka-Mahal Enterprise.

Robert John Castor

Associate Consultant for Central Luzon

Dexter is a graduate of Agricultural Business and is excited to share his knowledge in farm management. Excited to help our clients increase their sale and crop production, he works with the farmers to make sure crop cycles are successful and continuous. He dreams to see the agricultural sector progress further in the Philippines because he knows there's a future in agri. Today, he maintains one of our client’s farm to table business and sustains the restaurants’ supplies.

Dexter Magdulid

Farm Manager

Isidro is a graduate of Social Entrepreneurship in Agriculture and grew up from a farming family. During his internship, he and his team managed an urban organic farm near BGC, Taguig and successfully grew eggplant, lettuce and others. He continued taking care of his family's farm in Bicol after graduation until he decided to join us. He has experience planting rice and taking care of livestocks. Bro believes that farming can lead to a great career if you find integrity in your work. He loves teaching farmers and he loves learning from them, too.

Isidro Brohan

Farm Manager